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Session Length, Rate & Payment

 I encourage you to reach out

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Session Length & Frequency

A customary session is 50-minutes in length, and held on a one-time-per-week frequency. This may be subject to change or adjustment depending upon your individual needs. Additional length and/or frequency would have a pro-rated fee, based on the fee established at the onset of services.


My practice is fee-for-service, as I am no longer contracted with any insurance companies.

I will discuss my fee directly with you during our initial phone consultation, and in the event that I am unable to accommodate your financial needs I will assist you by providing you with some appropriate referrals.

Out of Network Insurance Benefits

Many of my current clients are able to submit for direct reimbursement from their insurance company, via PPO Out-of-Network Benefits. Should you wish to obtain reimbursement through your insurance company, I will provide you with a statement (i.e., superbill) you can file with your insurance company for direct reimbursement.  

Payment Options

Payment is due at the time of services, in the form of cash, check or credit card.

Advantages of


Although some individuals need to use insurance for services, there are distinct advantages for choosing to pay out-of-pocket. For example:

  • Insurance Companies require a psychiatric diagnosis for coverage ~ this becomes part of your or your child's insurance record. Paying out of pocket allows you to maintain confidentiality and not involve an insurance record (i.e., paper trail);
  • Insurance companies may impose arbitrary limits to the number of sessions allowed per calendar year. Paying out of pocket allows you to determine and control the length of services, number of sessions and when you consider services to be complete;
  • Insurance companies may limit or restrict your choice of provider. Paying out of pocket provides you the freedom of choice and selection of who is the "right fit" for you and/or your child. No more drawing a name out of a hat and crossing your fingers for the "right fit."
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