Restoring Hope and Healing

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  

      CA License #  MFC 41695 

Julie Laraway, M.A., LMFT

Restoring Hope and Healing

Services To Meet Your Specific Needs:

  • Child & Adolescent Therapy
  • Individual Therapy for Adults

  • Trauma Focused Therapy
  • Couples Therapy

Service Descriptions:

Child & Adolescent Therapy

I work with children as young as age 2 and employ art and play therapy techniques, along side talk therapy techniques. Art and play techniques are utilized to assist children in learning and utilizing words along side their behaviors to express their thoughts, feelings, needs and experiences. I will work closely with you and your child to facilitate and strengthen your child's growth and achievement of identified goals. 

Common child/adolescent presenting issues can be related to

  • defiance
  • disruptive behaviors at home and/or school
  • declining grades 
  • mood instability
  • anxiety and/or depression
  • difficulty coping with changes or loss 
  • divorce/separation; blending families
  • difficulty with siblings/peers
  • substance abuse
  • risk-taking behaviors and/or threats of suicide

Individual Therapy for Adults

Individual counseling is provided in a compassionate and non–judging manner, with the goal of assisting you in expressing and exploring patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that may be blocking you from feeling a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in your life and relationships. I will collaborate with you exactly where you are, and provide the support and guidance you desire for developing new ways of experiencing, seeing and navigating life. 

Common presenting issues can be related to: 

  • anxiety and/or depression
  • difficulty managing emotions
  • conflictual relationships and desire to improve those relationships
  • unresolved pain of the past
  • parenting issues
  • loss of a loved one
  • divorce/separation
  • phase of life changes (i.e., starting a family, launching children, career change)

Trauma Focused Therapy

The impacts of any traumatic experience can often have a lasting effect on a person's thinking, behaviors and overall coping. It is not uncommon for those who have encountered distressing and/or traumatic experiences to be riddled with periods of high anxiety and/or agitation coupled with periods of avoidance and numbing. I will  assist you in learning and engaging in self-regulation, making sense of what has happened, and to ultimately help you take back control of your life - your thinking, behaving and living in optimal and desired ways.

Common presenting issues can be related to:

  • intrusive and unwelcome thoughts or recollections of an event
  • disruptions to eating, sleeping and/or thinking
  • states of alarm and/or startle
  • feeling easily agitated and/or annoyed without provocation
  • feeling detached and disconnected from others and/or daily living
  • changes in your closest relationships - withdrawing, isolating and/or shutting others out
  • experiencing an overall sense of hopeless regarding the future.

Couples Therapy

The focus of couples therapy is to identify and explore the level of dissatisfaction and/or disagreement that may exist within your current relationship, and to create a plan together on how best to improve communication, address the issues you identify, and restore the dreams and wishes for your mutual future.  Through couples therapy I will assist you and your significant other in improving communication, intimacy, and restoring your sense of hopefulness and satisfaction within your relationship.

Common presenting issues can be related to:

  • poor communication and understanding of one another
  • disagreements regarding money/finances
  • child-rearing conflicts and differences
  • changes with physical and sexual intimacy
  • holding onto the past
  • uncertainty regarding the future of the relationship
  • re-occurring and unresolved arguments
  • pre-marital counseling & communication building